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To those who teach action research:  If you had your teaching of action research disrupted and you are being asked to teach online for the first time, consider making students more active and responsible for their learning. Teaching online works best if you ask (leading) questions rather than give information. This encourages students to connect the dots themselves and own their insights. If you need to get students working quickly while you think about how to move your teaching online, the Action Research Tutorials are free to use and can provide some activities while you rethink and retool your teaching.   Feel free to ask questions about online teaching in our Facebook Group as there are many excellent instructors who are skilled in online teaching.

To create live classes online (free) with Zoom or Google Hangouts see these helpful videos:  Teaching with Zoom Rooms with Google Hangouts:  

To make videos for students (free)  Loom is available

Center for Collaborative Action Research


Action research helps you to become a more powerful version of yourself, able to engage in and engage others in a process of continual learning and change. This free course, offered by the Center for Collaborative Action Research,  is comprised of 12 Tutorials each with a short video to watch, a set of activities to complete (with linked writing templates for writing activities) and resources to support the completion of the activities. The goal of creating these materials is to "flip the classroom" so that learning about action research is done outside of the collaborative learning space so that valuable collaborative time can be used to support the action research ideas of each person in the group or class.  Feel free to share links that might be useful in our efforts to support action researchers. You can use the form at the bottom of this page or visit, join our Facebook Group.  To learn more about teaching action research, please visit Supporting the Teaching of Action Research (STAR) an action research community of the Action Network of the Americas (ARNA). 


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Why Do Action Research?

For your professional and personal learning and career development and 

because it helps you to live your values and creaate the change you want to see in the world. 

Action research is a way for practitioners to develop and own their knowledge and to share that knowledge with others. The sharing is an important part of the learning process as it puts one's methods and findings up for public evaluation.  It is through this research dialogue that we are able to build our knowledge in communities. 


If you have questions about these tutorials, please contact the Center for Collaborative Action Research

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