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Tutorial 7:  Collecting Data

Tutorial 7: Collecting Data - Overview

Action research is a process of inquiry which includes the collection and analysis of data. You are trying to understand change. Part of your understanding comes from your own field notes, blogs, and reflections. However, all of us are myopic. We see things through the intellectual frames we have created. This means that each of us sees the world from a different vantage point. To understand how your actions influence others you will need to be watch and talk with others and try to see the context from their frames. Their behavior, including their language, will help you understand how your actions are influencing others.

Tutorial 7: Collecting Data Video Introduction

Tutorial 7:  Activities 

A. Planning - Create a Data Collection Plan
B. Planning - Building your Knowledge
C. Reflecting - Regular Reflections in Blog

D. Writing - Outlining Your Action Research Report 

E. Building Knowledge Together - Reciprocal Editing 


Tutorial 7:  Resources

A. Creating a Data Collection Plan

B. Learning how to Collect Data
C. Building your Knowledge
D. Writing in Your Blog

E. Sharing your Action Research Report- Tools

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