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Action Research Tutorial 2 

2. Understanding Action Research - Overview

Action research is a form of deep inquiry into one’s practice that involves acting to address issues or problems followed by a systematic process for learning from the results of your actions. The action researcher intentionally introduces iterative cycles of change into a social system and, working closely with others, analyzes any transformations to the system, reflects on the process, and shares these understandings with others. Common to most, if not all, approaches to action research is the assumption that understanding is grounded in experience coupled with an analytic approach to evidence followed by reflective integration.

Tutorial 2: Your Understanding of Action Research

Tutorial 2:  Activities

These activities will help you think about your understanding of action research and compare your views with others. The resources support the activities. 

A. Action Research Reflection Questions for your blog

B. Online Polls

C. Discussion Forum

D. Describe your Understanding and Plans

Tutorial 2:  Resources

A. Approaches to  Action Research

B. Action Research Definitions 

C. Contextual Factors Shape  Action Research

D. Action Research Communities, Organizations, and Journals


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