Activities Templates 

Many of the activities described in the twelve tutorials have template pages link to them.  These templates are stored in a google drive folder both as doc files and pdf files with public access. You can download and modify any of them for use in your course or with those you are supporting, or for your own use. A booklet of all of the templates can be downloaded as a pdf file for easy printing.  This can be used as either a print or computer workbook as you move through the tutorials. 


Instructions: Please download the templates and then you have my permission to change them in any way you want to personalize them to your teaching as long as they are not part of a commercial product. Most small graphics are creative commons graphics, purchased, or are being used for educative purposes.  If you are using the graphics in a product, I suggest you check permissions or use your own graphics.  


If someone forgets to download the file and instead edits the template with a school name, please let me know ( and I will replace the file with the template version.


Please visit the Google Drive Folder  to download any of the 26 activity templates and title page as separate document files or all files as a booklet.