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Tutorial 8:  Analyzing Data - Evidence

Tutorial 8: Analyzing Date - Evidence

Action researchers use their practice as a site for systematic inquiry, by progressively transforming problems into questions, using the questions to shape action, collecting data, analyzing that data, and then reflecting on the results to create theories that frame new questions and actions (Coghlan and Brannick, 2005). Action researchers seek to understand how their actions are viewed from multiple perspectives. This knowledge is gained through the analysis of exchanges, interactions, and information. Through alignment of personal reflection with external evidence, the action researcher is able to make new predictions about actions that will lead to the desired state. In this tutorial, we will focus on sense-making strategies to use on the data that was collected in the previous cycle.

Tutorial 8 Video: From Data to Evidence

Consider the data that you collected, now is the time to analyze it. Your goal is to review, find relationships, condense, and display. This does not mean putting the collected data in the paper, it means making sense of the data and sharing the overview with your readers. You do the hard work of making sense of the data so that others can benefit. But you have to do it in a way that is reliable... that is in a way that if the reader invested the time and energy to follow your steps, they would come up with a similar summary.  It is best to keep very careful notes of exactly what you did as you will need to describe that steps. It should be detailed enough that you or someone else can repeat what you did. (Thinking of showing your work in math class).  This tutorial will suggest some possible steps or ideas to help you craft your process. 

Tutorial 8:  Data Analysis Activities

A. Explore - Organize Your Data Into Your Storyline
B. Analyze - Examine your Data to Find your Story
C. Visualizing - Display your Data to Tell Your Story

D. Writing - Action Research Report: Cycle 1 

E. Forum Discussion - Sharing your Results

Tutorial 8:  Resources

A. Understanding your Data

B. Organizing Your Data -- What is your storyline?

C. Exploring your Data -- What is your story?

D. Displaying your Data --How will you tell your story?

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