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Tutorial 4:  The Inquiry Context

The Inquiry Context - Local History and Past Research-


Describing the Context for your Action Research Project

In this tutorial, you will focus on the context of the research question that you developed in the last tutorial.
As always, there will be three parts, the video overview of the activities and the resources to help you do the activities.

Tutorial 4: Video - Understanding the Context of the Problem

You will be contextualizing your action research problem in two in the local setting and one in the research setting. The first will help you explore the dimensions of the context in which you will be working and the second will be to explore ideas from others who have tried different solutions to similar problems or proposed theories that might help you think about the issues.

Tutorial 4:  Activities

A. Rich Description of the Social Context

B. Review of Relevant Research Literature

C. Reflecting -Examining Learning in your Blog Posts 

Tutorial 4:  Resources
A. Resources for Writing a Rich Description of the Problem/Activity Context

B.  Resources for Reviewing the Literature around your Action Research Topic/Question

       a.  Resources for taking notes while reading

       b.  Ideas for Research Topics 

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