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     Tutorial 1:  About Action Research

Tutorial 4:  The Inquiry Context

Using Google Forms and Spreadsheets to Take Notes

You can easily create a google form that can be used to keep notes as you read. You can answer the questions and add the information which is stored in a spreadsheet linked to the form.  An interactive form is listed below.   You are welcome to use this google form (below), and your work will be saved to the attached spreadsheet.  Of course, this form is only a template, and you will want to create your own or modify it for your own purposes. 


To edit this template, first copy one of the files (form or spreadsheet) to your google drive so you can modify them. 

It might be easiest to copy the spreadsheet,  save this file to your google drive and then select  "form"  on the menu and you can see the options you have to modify the attached form that should come with it.


To start new, go to your google drive ( and create a new form (which creates a new spreadsheet). 

This is an easy way to use your computer to help you take notes as you read. You just open the form and type in the boxes, and all of your notes are stored in one spreadsheet.


If you want to try this out, go ahead and try it out here with something you are reading. 

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